Two men from Kyustendil, Bulgaria, were allegedly detained for 24 hours as pre-trial proceedings for stealing excess amounts of electricity to power their Bitcoin mining farm. The duo has been running the mining farm for over a year. However, the mining equipment has been confiscated after the police intervened, according to the prosecutor.

Men Professionally Tapped Electricity for Bitcoin Mining

The alleged defaulters are aged 31 and 38 years old and reside from Sofia, the capital and largest city in Bulgaria. The Representatives from the country’s electric power distribution company, CEZ and Regional Directorate of MoI, confirmed the existence of these Bitcoin mining farms in the industrial part of Kyustendil city.

According to the report from the local news agency, Novinite, the two miners illegally connected the two Bitcoin mining farms to the power supply network in an extremely professional manner. By so doing, they were able to run the mining farms for a very long time, with stolen electricity.


Precisely, the first mining farm was powered with stolen energy for six months while the second farm was only for three months, Novinite reported, citing the preliminary data. The report went on to mention that the total stolen electricity over these periods was equal to BGN 2.5 million ($1,513,766). “This is the largest theft we have found about,” said Philip Yordanov, an executive at CEZ.

Someday for the owner…

The two miners were initially arrested by the police following the complaints laid by CEZ employees. It was discovered that one of the men had been previously convicted for an action related to payment fraud crimes. Meanwhile, both men have been released from the 24 hours detention at the moment.

“The pre-trial proceedings against the two have been instituted for illegal connection to the electricity distribution network and theft of electricity,” the report reads.