If you have internet access, you probably know that a lot of people are talking about cryptocurrency. Not only is crypto a hot topic on the internet, but it’s also a hot one off the internet too. The public is increasingly becoming aware of digital currencies, as searches for how to buy coins have been going up lately.

Have you been caught in the crypto frenzy and want to join the train? You can. Apart from being the future of money in terms of transactions, Cryptocurrency is now considered an investable asset class, especially the popular ones like Bitcoin. Interestingly, investing in them has gotten more convenient, as everything can be done right on mobile devices, thanks to cryptocurrency apps.

Cryptocurrency apps can be divided into many categories, which can be confusing for a beginner. There are wallet apps, exchange apps, tracker apps, and news apps. Which of these do you need to start your crypto journey? Well, you need at least one from any of these categories.


If you are confused about what cryptocurrency app you should have on your device, this guide was created just for you. We are going to be looking at the ten most useful cryptocurrency apps across various categories. These apps would make your journey much more straightforward. 

1. Coinbase

Coinbase is an American-based wallet and exchange that allows users to buy, sell, send or receive cryptocurrency. It is present in over 100 countries and so serves a wide range of investors. You can also store your crypto on the Coinbase application, as it also features a digital currency wallet.

It is a handy app for beginners because it has a simple, user-friendly surface with minimal technicality. The good thing with Coinbase is that even if you lose your phone or it gets stolen, you can remotely disable your wallet.

2. Crypto News

Now that you have an idea of where you can store cryptocurrency, it is time to look at a news cryptocurrency app. You need to keep tabs on the news to stay informed about every activity happening within the industry. Certain critical developments can affect crypto prices, and you wouldn’t want to be caught unaware of when they happen. One good app you could use for this is Crypto News.

This app collects information about cryptocurrency from various sources around the world for you. Instead of going from one website to another in search of news, you can use Crypto News to get all the information at once. 

3. Blockfolio

Blockfolio is one of the popular and useful cryptocurrency applications in the crypto space you might want to have on your mobile device. This app helps you monitor over 800 cryptocurrencies at once. If you need to check how 5 or 10 coins are doing, you can always do it with Blockfolio.

If you have accounts with various crypto exchanges, you can sync them with Blockfolio, so you get to monitor all your assets at once. However, this crypto app is technical, so it is recommended for those at intermediate and advanced levels.

4. Binance

If you are looking for another good crypto exchange app, then Binance is a great alternative. This app, like Coinbase, offers exchange and wallet services for users. It is an app of choice because Binance has high liquidity and low fees. 

These two features allow users to make huge trades at a minimal cost. Binance is currently considered the largest cryptocurrency exchange, and it has only been around for four years. You can also carry out peer-to-peer trading with other users on the Binance exchange app, making another useful app to have on your mobile device.

5. Bitmap

Have you ever wanted to buy an item with Bitcoin but do not know what store to go to? Bitmap is a helpful cryptocurrency app that lets you see what stores around you accept Bitcoin.

With this app, you get to see all the stores around you that accept crypto payment, saving you the stress and time of surfing the internet for such local stores. However, Bitmap is only limited to Bitcoin, at least for the moment.

6. Trading View

Although investors use Trading View in other fields such as real estate and the stock market, it is still a good app for cryptocurrency users. The app provides you with real-time charts in various coins across various platforms. 

You can also see other Trading View users’ trade ideas and get to share your own trading ideas too. It is easy to use for beginners and like a lot of indicators for the experts.

7. Mycelium

If you need a dedicated crypto wallet, then you should consider Mycelium. It is an online wallet that promises to keep your crypto secure.

Mycelium comes with private keys and a PIN, which will help you block out unauthorized persons from accessing or moving your cryptocurrencies stored on the wallet. 

8. Delta

Delta is another useful cryptocurrency app that can allow users to track different digital currencies as well as display their portfolios. 

With this application, you can set up multiple crypto portfolios, connect other crypto apps, and monitor your profit and losses. Notifications on different assets can be set with Delta too. If you want to know if your favorite coin has reached a particular price, this app allows you to do just that.

9. Brave browser

Brave browser is a privacy-focused crypto browser that enables you to visit the internet securely. Besides privacy protection, one other benefit that comes with Brave is that the users are also rewarded with BAT (Basic Attention Token) for performing certain tasks as well as browsing. 

This is especially useful for publishers and advertisers, as they can pay and get paid for services with BAT on the Ethereum blockchain. You can also hold the token, which is about $0.61 now.

10. Crypto mood

Crypto mood is a good cryptocurrency app if you want to know how the market ‘feels’ at a certain time. It gives you the social and market sentiments of numerous coins at a go.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Crypto mood notifies you of ‘whale alerts’: when people move large amounts of cryptos. Overall, it is a simple, effective app.


The apps above are all useful, and would in one way or the other, help you in your trading. Feel free to go ahead and download two or three of them and see what works for you. 

If you do not understand a particular app, be sure to ask questions or do some research, so you do not lose money. Enjoy crypto!