Blockchain creates a whole new world of possibilities. Do you want to find out more and actually get started with Blockchain technology? These 4 free Blockchain courses with each a different approach are some of the best to get you started.

Blockchain for Business by edX

Are you looking to innovate your business? Interested in applying Blockchain technologies for your company? This course by edX tells you all about Blockchain. Next to that, you will learn in-depth about Hyperledger, its possibilities and some cases. Hyperledger is an open source business blockchain software that anyone can use to set up apps.

Furthermore, the course explains which types of Hyperledger projects are possible and which ones could be suitable for your business’s needs. For example, blockchain can increase efficiency and solve all kinds of problems regarding security, sharing information, data privacy and so on. Take a look at the outlines of the course here.


The course is the most suitable for people with a basic understanding of computer technology, that are comfortable with terminal and command line and understand programming languages.

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technology by Coursera

Are you new to the technical aspect of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies? Whether you are a business owner, a developer or just an enthusiast, this guide from Coursera covers all the basics you need to know. The course explains the ins and outs of crypto technology and everything that surrounds it in a very comprehensible manner. Previous knowledge is not necessary.

This guide by Coursera is one of the most completed guides regarding Bitcoin & Crypto technology and has gotten rave reviews. Definitely a must for everyone looking to get involved with crypto. Completing the course takes about 23 hours.

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Starting guide for developers by IBM

On average, Blockchain developers in the US make about $ 160,000 a year. Furthermore, demand rises quickly. More and more industries are starting to implement blockchain technology. Are you a developer looking to learn more about chaincode and blockchain? IBM created a guide to get you started.

IBM’s developer platform offers information on how to make a private blockchain network. Besides that, you will learn how to add code for Smart Contracts. Smart contracts are pieces of code that help regulate transactions with assets between parties. Because Smart Contracts can be quite complex, this course will help you understand everything you need to know about them. Furthermore, the course includes a lab demo explaining how to transfer capital to different people across a network.

The course only takes up a couple of hours and it has everything you need to get started today. What are you waiting for? The course is suitable for developers with no previous experience in regards to blockchain.

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Intro to building Blockchain apps by Blockgeeks 

Do you want to create an Ethereum based Blockchain app? Blockgeeks’ hands-on course explains how to build a decentralized Blockchain app.

First of all, you will learn how to design, construct and manage smart contracts. By the end of the course, you will be able to use different patterns to design and build your very own system.

More specifically, you will learn: patterns for everyday use, how to prevent attack vectors, best practices.and how to avoid anti-patterns, among other things.

Previous knowledge is not necessary, but it helps if you have experience working with web technologies and basic Linux-skills. No experience with coding Ethereum is required, for instance.

Dive into the course here.