Ten Years After Satoshi Nakamoto Vanished, Bitcoin has Become a Household Name

Ten years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto made his last public post on the Bitcointalk forum. It also marks the day on which Bitcoin lost its creator to the vast world wide web. To this day, no one knows who Satoshi is, yet Bitcoin continues to make headlines every week. 

Satoshi Nakamoto Has Left the Building

One of the mysteries of Bitcoin is not knowing who is responsible for its creation. No developer has ever come forward to prove he or she is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Several individuals have tried to lay a claim to the name but have no proof to present.  It remains a complete mystery to Bitcoiners and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

Although several theories exist on who Satoshi Nakamoto may have been, it seems unlikely there is any real proof. Nor does it need to, as Bitcoin is doing fine without its “leader”. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency project in many developers’ hands—an excellent example of how leadership isn’t always necessary. 


BlocDesk Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcointalk
Source; Bitcointalk

The screenshot above shows the final two messages posted by Satoshi Nakamoto on Bitcointalk. Today marks the tenth anniversary of these messages, which have a special place in the heart of “old-school” Bitcoin enthusiasts. Satoshi had been working with other developers for a while. It seems he or she was content to let others grow Bitcoin from that point forward.

Although some people still try to figure out Satoshi’s real identity, it is not on most Bitcoin supporters’ minds. To the majority, all that matters is if Bitcoin works well. Unlike other networks, this technology has a legitimate uptime of over 99.9%. The power of decentralization is far greater than most outsiders want to acknowledge.

The Success Story of Bitcoin

Since the “disappearance” of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin has continued to thrive. It is still the world’s leading cryptocurrency by a landslide, as no project comes close to overtaking it in terms of market capitalization or branding. Currently, Bitcoin represents 62.5% of the entire value of all cryptocurrencies combined. That alone is a testament to what Satoshi Nakamoto has given to the people. 

Over time, there have been attempts to create a “better Bitcoin”. Developers and communities have taken the code and forked it into a copycat with slightly different features. Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV are two examples, but there are many more. To date, none of these forks amount to anything that even resembles Bitcoin’s position in the industry.

BlocDesk Bitcoin Active Addresses
Source: BitInfoCharts

Looking beyond monetary value, Satoshi Nakamoto offers hope and financial freedom. The Bitcoin project is about inclusivity, rather than exclusivity, and it has come a long way compared to those two final messages on Bitcointalk. Over the next decade(s), it will continue to grow, evolve, and become more prominent. The vision of Satoshi Nakamoto cannot be ignored or shunned any longer.