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THXCHAIN Digital Asset Platform is Now Open to the Public

THXChain Digital Platform THXCHAIN Digital Platform an innovative digital asset trading platform architected by Thore Network has officially launched the industry’s FIRST combined model of...

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FootballCoin Launches Euro 2020 Fantasy Game with Collectable NFTs and XFC...

FootballCoin has launched a new version of its fantasy football game for EURO 2020, with a host of new features, NFT cards, and prizes.   11th...

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Ethereum Bitcoin BlocDesk Total Ether (ETH) Staked in Ethereum 2.0 Deposit Contract Nears $10 Million Proof-of-stake

The Proof-of-Stake Industry Keeps On Growing By Leaps And Bounds

All of the negative commotion surrounding proof-of-work consensus mechanisms using up too much energy has negatively impacted networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Finding an...