RealFevr,  a Portuguese startup specializing in fantasy football has launched a marketplace of official football video NFTs (Non-Fungible Token).

The Lisbon-based firm is offering fans a platform where they can collect videos of the most memorable moments of football stars like Christianity Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandez, Angel Di Maria James Rodriguez among many others.

The video collectible would be made available for fans in three packs which are Basic, Rare, and super rare.


The packs contain five different tiers, which vary depending on their rarity: Common, Special, Epic, Legendary and Unique. Special football moments like goals, assists, dribbles or saves from over 500 world-class players are contained in these packs.

Non-Fungible Token frenzy going wild

The NFT frenzy has become a very big buzz around the crypto industry. It is safe to say in few years time, the NFT market will be as big as the crypto market if not bigger than the crypto market.

The tokens have been adopted widely across various sectors of life towards creating happiness, solving problems, enabling better fans and celebrity relationships, generating income among many other things.

Although very few football stars have made any announcement on launching a Non-Fungible Token a number of football clubs have launched fan tokens towards bringing fans closer to activities of the club.

Clubs like Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Paris Saint-German, Bayern Munich among others have fan tokens such that fans can hold and enable them access to exclusive products of such clubs.

NFTs have gone wild in the entertainment world with several entertainers launching their fungible token. Proceeds from these tokens usually end up for charity works.

Stars like Eminem, Steve Harvey, Lil Pump, Snopp Dogg, Tony Hawk among many others have launched their tokens.

Manchester United star, Bruno Fernandez named the launch ambassador for Realfevr NFT described it as cool for football fans to acquire iconic moments from some of their favorite players.

Huge revenue NFT space accrue

The NFT phenomenon dominated the first quarter of 2021, culminating on March 11th with Beeple’s record price of $69 million at Christie’s. A month later, in mid-April, the price of Bitcoin reached its apex around $63,500.

Since then Bitcoin’s dollar price has dropped by more than half. Nevertheless, NFT sales have not just remained on par with the pace of the first quarter of 2021, according to a Dapp Industry Report, but exceeded them in the second quarter.

DappRadar, which tracks blockchain sales, saw that in the second quarter of 2021 NFTs brought in $2.4 billion, slightly above the first quarter’s $2.3 billion.

These numbers don’t even account for off-chain sales, transfers that take place through auction houses, as with the Beeple sale.

The same report found that sales spiked 111.46% compared to Q1, with the number of active wallets also jumping 151.89% in the same time period.