Unfortunately, the growing popularity of networks will often attract the wrong kind of attention. It is not uncommon to see cryptocurrency and blockchain networks face an attack of sorts. For Polygon, that attack is still ongoing with full network blocks.

Polygon Attack Rages On

Public blockchains like Bitcoin and even Ethereum have seen their fair share of transaction input increases for no apparent reason. For Bitcoin, there have been numerous dusting attacks, creating a fair amount of network spam. Polygon is currently dealing with a very similar problem, although this attack method appears to be somewhat different.

Every block found on the network is at the maximum gas limit and nearly 100% capacity. That could hint at the growing use of the Polygon ecosystem, yet it is obvious something isn’t adding up. Every block appears to contain a transaction that is “send to self”. As such, someone is sending themselves 0 Matic over and over again, all the while expending minimal amounts of gas.


Why someone would go down this route is complicated to determine. Filling up the network blocks is counterproductive for the network and only ends up costing money. Those small amounts of gas will add up over time, creating a hefty bill for flooding the network with pointless transactions. Although it prevents others from accessing valuable resources, keeping up such an attack is relatively futile.

On Reddit, some users speculate this may be an effort to take down Titan. As the volume picked up there, arbitrage opportunities were rendered non-existent. Using Titan for exchange purposes is now nearly impossible as transactions will remain pending for extended periods. Again, the purpose of doing so remains a bit of a mystery, although it is as plausible of an explanation as any other. 

When Will The Attack End?

Without a clear cause for this attack and seemingly no intention to stop spamming the network, the Polygon network may remain congested for some time to come. That will displease many users, particularly those who want to trade on Titan and Iron at this time. Unfortunately, solving an issue like this is not a matter of flipping a magic switch, as no one controls the network. 

Spam attacks are always a risk, even when dealing with decentralized infrastructures like a blockchain or layer. It may very well be an attack on Titan itself, as someone mentioned on Reddit, to bring the project down to its knees. If so, it raises the question of whether this is a disgruntled user or group of users trying to exact their revenge on a decentralized trading solution. 

Low transaction fees are one of the selling points of the Polygon network. While that benefits both developers and users, it also creates a crooked incentive for criminals looking to play around with the system. It is not necessarily a problem that is easy to fix unless the Polygon developers want to introduce a technical solution to avoid such mishaps in the future.