OneCoin movie set to be released starring Kate Winslet

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Popular English actress Kate Winslet is set to star in ‘Fake’, a movie shedding more light on one of the most notorious crypto scams, OneCoin.

‘Fake’ will be based on an unpublished book by Jen McAdam and Douglas Thompson. McAdam, a victim of the OneCoin scheme, will be a producer on the film.

She (McAdam), alongside 70,000 UK citizens, got scammed by Ruja Ignatova as they invested in OneCoin. McAdam discloses that she, her friends and family invested and lost over $298,800 in the OneCoin scam.


Kate Winslet, who acted as Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic, is set to act as the prime accused in the OneCoin saga, Ruja Ignatova. Coincidentally, the OneCoin scam has every element a movie needs. This includes a smart protagonist, global success (as a scam), and deception at the highest level.

The OneCoin-inspired movie will feature every aspect of the crypto scam. Primarily, the movie aims to educate viewers on the risks involved in cryptocurrency scams. In the real world, the OneCoin scam court case is still ongoing.

OneCoin movie: a blockbuster in the making?

Started in 2014, the OneCoin scam was the dreamchild of Ruja Ignatova. The fraud began in Bulgaria and expanded to other countries, promising investors lucrative returns on their investments. Investors were made to believe that OneCoin was the next ‘Bitcoin’, although it never met the basic criteria.

Back then, agencies and other crypto analysts warned investors of a collapsing Ponzi Scheme. At its core, OneCoin has every ingredient worthy of a ‘multilevel marketing scheme.’  Investors, however, turned a blind eye to the warning as their direct relationship with the OneCoin team yielded irrational behavior. .

Afterward, investors discovered the OneCoin servers weren’t printing crypto, and there was no blockchain. At this time, Ruja Ignatova already made over $4 billion. As the Ponzi scheme unfolded, wire and securities fraud was labeled against Ignatova, after which she disappeared. Until now, Ruja is yet to be found although her brother and other prominent executives are under trial.It is also worth noting Ignatova stepped down as CEO of this scheme a few months prior to everything collapsing.

With such an intriguing storyline, lamentations from defrauded investors, explanations from analysts and OneCoin executives, the ‘Fake’ movie almost writes itself.

“Fake’ is the next form of content using the OneCoin scam narrative.  A TV show based on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) podcast about Ignatova is also in development.