Salary payments in digital currencies, especially Bitcoin (BTC), have become quite common among many athletes since the beginning of the year. Some sportsmen have also gained crypto sponsorship deals that were completely financed in cryptocurrency. Today, the American football superstar Odell Beckham Jr. has joined the crypto-in-sport bandwagon.

Odell Beckham agrees to Bitcoin payment

On Monday, the newly-signed football wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams took to his Twitter account to announce that a new salary from the Rams would be paid in Bitcoin (BTC) – a feat which will be made possible through Jack Dorsey’s Cash App, a mobile payment platform. 

Beckham reportedly signed a one-year contract with the Rams last week, and he had his first-ever training with the team on Saturday. The new deal is worth about $4.25 million, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. Meanwhile, Odell Beckham is expected to receive about $3 million in team-based incentives, a $300k signing bonus, and a salary worth $700k, which he agreed to be paid in Bitcoin.


“It’s a NEW ERA & to kick that off, I’m hyped to announce that I’m taking my new salary in bitcoin,” Odell Beckham wrote

Sports in crypto

Early this month, Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers quarterback, announced to his social media followers that he would also receive his salary for the season in Bitcoin. This development affirms the growing popularity and interest in cryptocurrency amongst the people in the sports world. Besides the players, some sports clubs are also sealing partnerships with crypto projects and companies. 

Some months ago, Major League Baseball (MLB) agreed to a long-term partnership with the popular digital currency trading platform FTX to drive brand awareness and ultimately promote cryptocurrency adoption. Asides from sponsorships, some sports clubs engage in the cryptocurrency space through fan tokenization. Soccers clubs like Manchester City ($CITY), Barcelona ($BARCA), etc., now have their native tokens trading on exchanges.