After tech billionaires, Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk had their pro-Bitcoin conversation during the B-word online conference, prices have begun surging across the entire crypto market.

BlocDesk reported on Tuesday how Bitcoin went berserk, plunging below $30,000 and how over $100 billion has been wiped from the crypto market. However, after the B-word conference on Wednesday, the coin has jacked well up above $30,000 almost edging into $33,000 range.

Altcoins also are having a feel of the bullish momentum as Ethereumhit $2,000 and BNB tapping into $300 range.


Bitcoin sits well above $30,000

Things went awry for the number one crypto since the weekend where prices were indifferent (Surging and plunging afterward). Days after like the trend had been with BTC when it surges over the weekend and plunges days into the week, The number one crypto as of Tuesday dropped below $30,000.

The plunge below $30,000 meant that in less than one week BTC dropped by over $4,000. However, at some point, bulls stepped up in the market and BTC reclaimed the coveted $30,000 level as the entire crypto community started looking up in anticipation for The B Word event.

At the online conference, Elon Musk joined Jack Dorsey and Cathie Wood to discuss Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency space. Upon more bullish news coming from the CEO of Tesla, BTC pumped even more and reached $32,800, which became the highest price seen since July 15th.

BTC currently trades at $32,224with its market cap back above $600 billion.

Ethereum spikes above $2,000 as altcoins go green

Altcoins have also begun their bullish momentum after BTC began to surge. Although Musk revealed he also holds ETH apart from BTC, the number one Altcoin has spiked by more than 7% since then to above $2,000. Just a few days ago, the second-largest crypto dumped as low as $1,720.

Binance coin to has been in the green after surging 6% thereby almost scaling back o $300.

Cardano (1.7%), Ripple (4%), Polkadot (5%), Uniswap (5%), Bitcoin Cash (7%), Litecoin (6%), and Solana (8%) have charted impressive gains as well.

Dogecoin, however, impressed high although at press time it trades in red. The meme coin is still on course to hit $0.20 after Musk said at the B-world conference that he owns Doge.

Crypto market overview as altcoin market begins to recover, Credit; QuantifyCrypto

Mid and lower-cap altcoins have it bigger as Axie leads with 40% surge to $24. Flow (32%), Telcoin (24%), Stacks (24%), Polygon (18%), THORChain (18%), OKB (18%), Stellar (16%), and SushiSwap (15%) are all in the green.

Ultimately, the cumulative market capitalization has added $70 billion in a day and $140 billion in two days and is above $1.3 trillion now.