After El Salvador, interest has grown regarding crypto, Bitcoin adoption in several other countries in the continent.

Most recently Argentina President, Alberto Fernandez said his country was open to the idea of adopting crypto as their currency. However, he didn’t speak much on the topic but was optimistic about the idea.

Similarly, unconfirmed report has it that Paraguay, Mexico, and Panama are also mulling adopting crypto as their official currency.


Most of the countries are plunged with high inflation, and the devaluation of the local currency has forced citizens to turn to cryptocurrencies as a hedge.

Also, the digital asset captures a large number of people who are unbanked making it more attractive to these governments.

Honduras gets first Bitcoin ATM as crypto interest surge

The country is also one of the American countries mulling taking after El Salvador to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender.

Honduras had its first Bitcoin ATM installed in the capital, Tegucigalpa amidst a surge in interest in crypto asset in the continent.

The Bitcoin ATM was installed by Honduran firm TGU Consulting Group, Reuters reports. With the machine, Hondurans can acquire both Bitcoin and Ethereum using the local currency known as lempira.

Users are only required to scan official identification documents and input personal data like phone number to be able to use the ATM.

The aim of the Bitcoin ATM according to the firm that provided it is to help educate residents about digital currencies.

The Bitcoin ATM in the southern American country comes at a time when there is a surge in crypto use among residents, especially among computer gurus and software developers.

The machine would help popularize Bitcoin further in the country as speculation about legalizing the digital asset continue to mount in the country.

Honduras newly installed Bitcoin ATM also adds to the growing number of BTM installed globally.

According to previous report, 1,200 new Bitcoin ATMs have been installed this month (in August 2021) representing around 47 machines daily.

Recently also, Bitcoin ATM operators and Blockchain industry leaders formed a new Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative (CCC) towards combating using BTM for money laundering.