The Bitcoin world is home to many intriguing developments that most people would never expect to see. For example, using an electric car to mine cryptocurrency seemed like a silly idea years ago, but it is a selling point for manufacturers today. Daymak is unveiling the Spiritus, the first electric car capable of mining cryptocurrency and generate 24/7 profit reports.

A Bold Gamble by Daymak

It has to be said, purposefully building an electric car to mine cryptocurrencies is a weird ordeal. However, the pioneer in personal Light Electric Vehicles is building the prototype of this Spiritus mode, which is mining cryptocurrency as of yesterday. A surprising development, especially given Tesla’s Elon Musk recently commenting negatively on the proof-of-work nature of cryptocurrencies and their electricity consumption. 

For Daymak, the purpose is clear: leveraging its patent-pending Nebula platform. As a cryptocurrency suite for electric vehicles, it allows every Spiritus car to mine and manage crypto assets. Through this technology, the company aims to make its new model generate revenue for all car owners globally and continually. It will be interesting to see if there is a demand for such solutions, although everyone wants to see their car make money passively rather than lose value.


Moreover, the Nebula software has been successfully implemented into the first Spiritus prototype. There is a live stream of the crypto mining results on the website, and it currently depicts a profit of $16.03 while mining at 185.42 MH/s. Considering how the car draws 487..55 watts for its mining actions, it is remarkable to see such a high profit. It seems as if the car is mining Ethereum right now, although the Nebulas suite supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Cardano.

What is even more interesting is how users can pre-order the Spiritus with cryptocurrency and achieve some interesting bonuses while doing so. The company offers multiple packages that will include goodies, ranging from merch to coffee mugs and jackets to signature watches. An exciting albeit weird way to market a  new car capable of mining cryptocurrencies. However, the approach raises a lot of questions.

Should You Trust It?

While Daymak may turn out to be a completely legitimate company, this advertising method is a bit weird. For example, offering a discount on car pre-orders is not uncommon, but showering customers with gifts that have more value than what people pay on top of the pre-payment for the car seems weird. The top package costs $50,000 yet includes a factory tour, color customization, a meet and greet lunch, and an option to convert the value into IPO shares rather than having the car delivered.

This approach raises a lot of questions as to whether the offer is legitimate. Offering such packages is not entirely abnormal, although giving people more value than what they pay for a car that only has one prototype raises uncomfortable questions. However, it remains a very intriguing venture, as exploring new options to make crypto mining more accessible is never a bad thing.

Whether cars are designed to mine cryptocurrencies is a very different matter. Electric cars aren’t known for their large batteries, making crypto mining seem a lot more wasteful.  One has to consider a car will not be able to mine for long even with a fully charged battery. As such, it is not necessarily “making money” in a passive way, as one can’t use their card if it isn’t charged.