Meet The Team

Jean-Pierre is passionate about cryptocurrency, blockchain, finance, and fintech. He loves writing about all of these topics, but is always looking to broaden the horizon.

Muhaimin is a Journalist a writer and crypto enthusiast. He is passionate about happenings in the crypto world and a believer in Blockchain technology.




Yashu has been working as a financial/crypto market journalist since 2013. He is an information technology graduate, a cryptography junkie, a filmmaking enthusiast, and an avid reader of Jon Erickson, Agatha Christie, JK Rowling, and Isaac Asimov.

Ibiam Wayas

Ibiam Wayas


Ibiam is an optimist who enjoys writing about technology. He is an introvert and loves to associate with like-minds, working towards similar goals and ambitions. Ibiam spends much of his time on the web researching new innovations within the digital economy.

Katrien is an online marketeer, editor, and cryptocurrency enthusiast who is always reading up on the latest digital innovations. She is excited to see that the number of women in the blockchain industry is growing and wants to get even more women on board.

Marvin Edmond - Founder/CEO of BlocDesk

Marvin Edmond

Founder / CEO

Marvin loves learning about all things tech, especially blockchain and digital currencies. He has rich experience in big data, and loves tackling engineering projects in his spare time.