Google Trends: XRP Dominates Ethereum in the US and UK

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Looking at the Google Trends, a lot of valuable information can be obtained. Both Ethereum and XRP note a solid increase in search volume globally. What is interesting is in which regions people are more interested in one over the other. 

Very Similar Google Trends Charts

At its core, the information derived from Google Trends is never an official market indicator. While it can depict the overall interest in a crypto asset, it only tells part of the story. When cryptocurrencies rise in value, the overall searches on Google tend to follow a very similar pattern. This is clearly evident when looking at the current Google Trends for Bitcoin, but also Ethereum and XRP. 

More specifically, both assets have seen an increase in Google searches since the beginning of 2020. In recent weeks, those figures have skyrocketed. This appears to confirm a direct correlation with the recent price movement of both assets. 


Source: Google Trends

Although the Google Trends search spike for XRP is smaller compared to Ethereum’s it is significant regardless. More and more people are searching for crypto assets once again. 

This renewed interest may not stick around for long if it is purely linked to the market momentum. How these Google Trends will evolve in the weeks to come, is impossible to predict at this current stage. 

Popularity by Region

When comparing the two search trends on the world map, Ethereum is clearly dominating. It shows up all over the world, except for Africa and most of Asia.

Not entirely surprising, as people in those regions either have other worries, or there is no public data regarding Google searches. In some cases, there may not even by any Google search queries whatsoever. 

The regions where XRP dominates most of the searches are limited. Some success can be noted in Japan, Australia, the entire United States, and the UK.  In Japan, XRP is searched for 79% of the time, compared to 21% for Ethereum, That gap is slightly smaller in Australia, with 62% in favor of Ripple’s native asset. 

BlocDesk Ethereum XRP by Region
Source: Google Trends

The UK and the US are not all that different from one another. Both terms are sought after regularly, yet it appears that XRP has obtained a minor lead. With 58% of the searches pertaining to Ripple’s asset, it seems as if this market is of slightly greater interest.

Part of this success seemingly has to do with Kevin Cage, a YouTube creator who is quite popular in all regions where XRP dominates the Google Trends results.

Nigeria is an Outlier

It is not uncommon for one Google search term to be far more dominant compared to the other. As far as Ethereum is concerned, there is one region where it has 100% of the searches. It is not a region most people would expect, yet it does paint a very interesting picture regardless. 

BlocDesk Ethereum Nigeria
Source: Google Trends

Nigeria is the only country – for both terms – where a 100% rating can be achieved. It would appear that Ethereum is of very great interest to local residents. Either that, or they have no idea what XRP or does, which is equally plausible.

It would appear that most people are looking for “Ethereum million money” in this country. An odd search term, but one that can be interpreted in many different ways.