Kigali, Rwanda will host Finbank Innovation Conference & Expo taking place at Kigali
Convention Centre on 24th – 25th  February 2021 where bankers, insurers, micro-finance institutions, investment managers and software developers will gather in the main aim of
advancing forward the finance technology in Africa.

We are very proud and glad to bring Finbank Innovation Conference & Expo in Kigali, as
African financial institutions need more initiatives of this kind to raise more funds through
finance technology by reducing considerably frauds and drop outs. We also look forward to exchange ideas on how Africa could enhance the culture of cashless economy and this can only be achieved through empowering financial technology with
efficient software applications from the central banks to the micro-finance institutions level.

Finbank Innovation Conference & Expo which is designed to host 500 African professionals
from financial industry and government authorities, will be a great platform whereby
professional speakers, financial software exhibitors and meet and greet connections are believed to bring a positive change in our respective financial industry.


We therefore call up financial technology companies to join the exhibition and exposure their prestigious solutions to professionals in the industry.

    Why Exhibit:

  • Fuel your brand awareness in Africa
  • Connect with 500+ senior executives from financial institutions in Africa
  • Be in the top of Africa’s financial ecosystem
  • Business meetings and closure
  • Launch of new technologies
  • Strengthen partnerships regionally
  • For more details about the event please visit here

For details about Exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities please call to +250784960195 or by emailing to:

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