Feminist Coalition, a protest group in Nigeria, has started receiving donations in Bitcoin to fund the #EndSars protests against police brutality. The group is only one of many other groups in the country soliciting for funds against police brutality committed by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit of the Nigerian Police.

Feminist Coalition is pursued by the country to begin soliciting for funds in Bitcoin after its bank account was deactivated. Local sources report that the group’s bank account and Flutterwave donation link were deactivated without any prior warning. As such, the group has to explore alternative options.

All donated funds are for medical bills, covering legal fees, and other necessary supports for #EndSars protesters.


#EndSars Protest in Nigeria

The #EndSars protest in the West-African country emanated from extortion, illegal arrest, and brutality by police officers of the SARS unit in Nigeria. Today, citizens are protesting in hopes of having the notorious police unit scrapped for abusing power.

Feminist Coalition alleges the unit indulged in illegal activities – including kidnapping, stealing, beating, and raping young Nigerians. Protests by the Nigerians, however, are met with violent countermeasures by the authorities. They resort to tear-gas, arrests, and using water cannons in an attempt to quell the protesters.

Amnesty International reports that no less than ten people have lost their lives due to police brutality during the protests.

Previously, Nigeria’s Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, dissolved the notorious SARS police unit. Citizens are not happy, however, as SARS officials are now working for other units of the police department.

Protesters demand that every act of brutality by SARS officials is investigated, and such officers are brought to stand trial. Likewise, they demand that all members of the SARS unit get a psychological evaluation and are retrained by an independent body.

The #EndSars protest attracts global attention as celebrities and influencers voice their support for the protest.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, on Wednesday, also supported the #EndSars protest. He asks philanthropists to make Bitcoin donations to sponsor the protest.

Bitcoin for Humanitarian Efforts

It is becoming a trend for individuals and groups alike to source for donations through Bitcoin these days.

New York-based non-profit charity, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has been processing Bitcoin donations since 2014 for humanitarian works. To this day, they continue to explore this avenue in an effort to provide future humanitarian efforts.

Similarly, in 2019, UNICEF launched a cryptocurrency donation program receiving funds in Bitcoin and Ethereum. This clearly shows how Bitcoin and other crypto assets can make a difference where humanitarian efforts are concerned.