Ongoing development activity is crucial to keep cryptocurrency networks relevant and moving forward. Some ecosystems require more upkeep and maintenance than others. There have been hundreds of commits across different projects in the past three months, although not necessarily the ones one would expect.

Developer Commits Remain Crucial

While it may seem as if cryptocurrencies are in a “finished state,” that is far from the case. Every network can be tweaked, improved upon, and made more efficient. It doesn’t matter whether the project is new or the oldest modern cryptocurrency to date. Developers will keep making commits as they see things to adjust and improve. The work is never done, especially not with more competition emerging.

Interestingly, there has been tremendous activity among crypto projects these past three months. That in itself isn’t surprising, but there are only two projects in the top five most people know about. The other three are all relevant and viable ecosystems in their own way. Their developer activity confirms there is still much room for improvement, which is a healthy sign overall.


Source: CryptoMiso

Even though Bitcoin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency, it doesn’t note the most commits. It ranks fifth on the list, which may come as a shock to some. However, the network is over eleven years old, and most commits will now pertain to maintenance and upkeep. Certain aspects can still be fine-tuned, however. With 306 commits from over 100 contributors in the past three months, the GitHub repository remains very active.

The other “top” project on the commits list is Chainlink, ranked in third place. The technology of this project is crucial to many other projects, blockchains, and ecosystems. The developers are hard at work to keep everything running and introduce improvements wherever possible. Chainlink has 82 contributors and 346 commits in the past 90 days. Again, significant progress, although the job will likely continue for some time to come. 

Some Lesser-known Projects, Rise Up

As Bitcoin and Chainlink are 5th and 3rd, respectively, it makes one wonder where developers focus their attention. Topping the list is Cardtack, a project created in early 2017. It notes 633 commits from 30 contributors these past few months. The project may undergo a revival of sorts. It is not uncommon to see community members take over the development of a project when the initial creator disappears or throws in the towel. 

Source: CryptoMiso

The other two projects in the top five are Syscoin and Groestlcoin. In a previous article, we noted how Groestlcoin has ample developer activity. Syscoin does, too, with 515 commits from over 100 contributors. For Groestlcoin, there are 333 commits by over 100 contributors. Impressive statistics across the board, confirming the crypto ecosystem is about more than Bitcoin and Ethereum.