China blockchain

Over 10,000 new blockchain firms founded in China this year

Between January and June 2020, reports have it that more than 10,000 new blockchain-related firms have sprung into existence in China. This is amidst...
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6 industries that have embraced cryptocurrencies

More and more companies are starting to accept payments in Bitcoin, Blockchain technology and sometimes even other cryptocurrencies. Which industries have already embraced digital...
Mitsubishi blockchain

Blockchain adoption continues as Mitsubishi launches digital ledger trading platform

The disrupt of blockchain technology in the society has proven to be a leverage for several sectors to improve operations digitally.  The most recent...
China Sees an Influx of Registered Blockchain Companies This Year

China Sees an Influx of Registered Blockchain Companies This Year

Ever since the official endorsement of blockchain in China, the country has become one of the most active territories for the technology globally, and...
BlocDesk DeFi Total Value Locked

Total Value Locked in DeFi Platforms Nearly Doubles in the Past 30 Days

The decentralized finance industry is still evolving at a rapid pace. Its total value locked has recently surpassed $3.5 billion, and is well underway...



THXCHAIN Digital Asset Platform is Now Open to the Public

THXChain Digital Platform THXCHAIN Digital Platform an innovative digital asset trading platform architected by Thore Network has officially launched the industry’s FIRST combined model of...

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Keep it Regal with Royal Roulette on 1xBit Casino

Bitcoin Press Release: Players can win up to 50mBTC (over $12,000 USD) with the new Royal Rumble casino tournament on 1xBit Casino, from 26th...

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Ripple Co-creates New Solution to Decarbonize Blockchains

Ripple Co-creates New Solution to Decarbonize Blockchains

The need for mainstream adoption of green energy across several industries in the world keeps increasing with every proceeding time. Green energy is one...