With so many companies setting up a Bitcoin treasury in recent months, the financial landscape has shifted significantly. The role of BTC will only become more outspoken in the years to come. All investors are in healthy profit as well, which will undoubtedly attract other firms. 

A Bitcoin Treasury Just Works

There are very few options for publicly traded companies who want to make their business seem more appealing to investors. Creating new products, services, and ideas is often the smart approach. Setting up a Bitcoin treasury is a more than viable alternative. Seeking out exposure to the best-performing global asset in the market will prove beneficial to stockholders and new investors alike. 

Today, roughly 20 publicly traded companies have a Bitcoin Treasury. These can vary in size from $1.5 million to over $2.2 billion. Any amount, either big or small, can generate future profit for the company investing. It is nigh impossible to achieve returns on investments of this caliber in any other market.


BlocDesk Bitcoin Treasury List
Source: Bitcoin Treasuries

Notably, MicroStrategy Inc has more than doubled its Bitcoin Treasury’s value in a few months’ time. Other companies, such as Galaxy Digital Holdings, Hut 8 Mining Corp, Voyager Digital LTD, and many others, have seen a return of 500% or more. Considering how most of these companies started holding BTC in the last 18 months, such a performance is astronomical.

None of the companies creating a Bitcoin treasury has lost value so far. Everyone is in profit, and the rate at which those profits grow continues to accelerate. At this time, one has to wonder when Apple, Google, and Microsoft will get in on the action. For such gigantic technology companies, following the success recipe may prove crucial in the years to come. 

NASDAQ-Listed Firms Have More Appetite

Publicly-traded companies on NASDAQ are more eager to set up a Bitcoin Treasury these days. Microstrategy Inc, Tesla Inc, Square Inc, Marathon Patent Group, Riot Blockchain Inc, and MOGO Financing are a few crucial examples. Every one of these firms is reaping the rewards from investing in Bitcoin at an opportune time. 

That being said, it remains unclear if the platform where stocks are listed makes any difference. Setting up a Bitcoin Treasury has far bigger consequences than dealing with one’s trading platform. As long as the company itself is prominent and has long-term potential, exploring this option may prove crucial.

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Source: CoinGecko

With under two dozen publicly traded firms exploring Bitcoin these days, there is still room for further improvement. Getting more companies outside of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is crucial. A fashihoto beautifying app company is a step in the right direction, but there are many other industries that can benefit from a Bitcoin treasury.