Bitcoin Represents 83.59% of Grayscale’s $5.6 Billion in AUM

Grayscale operates many different investment vehicles. All of these packages are linked to cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum,, and ZCash. The company recently published  an overview of its assets under management, which yields interesting results. 

Bitcoin and Ethereum Dominance

Looking at the assets under management by Grayscale, Bitcoin clearly remains the market leader. It is the world’s leading cryptocurrency, thus this is to be expected. With $4.681 billion in assets under management, this is by far the largest Trust operated by Grayscale. Currently holdings per share of GBTC sit at $11.17, with a market price per share at $13.06. 

BlocDesk Grayscale Bitcoin

The second-largest Trust operated by Grayscale pertains to Ethereum, No real surprises there either, although the difference in assets under management is quite steep. Holding “just” $738.5 million in ETH shows that the confidence in this asset isn’t as great as Bitcoin’s. 


BlocDesk Grayscale Ethereum

it is worth noting the Grayscale Ethereum Trust offers a much higher market price per share. Compared to Bitcoin’s market price per share is nearly eight times higher, at $95. An interesting gap, considering the holdings per share represent just $36.05.  

Altcoins Remain Small

Through Grayscale, investors are equally able to gain exposure to various altcoins on the market. Options to explore include Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, XRP, and Horizen. All of these options can prove to be lucrative, but not all of them have a public quotation trading volume at this time. 

BlocDesk Grayscale Altcoins

The top altcoin  – ranked by assets under management – is clearly Ethereum Classic, at over $85 million. Bitcoin Cash remains in second place, followed by Zcash and Litecoin. Of these assets, only Ethereum Classic has a market price per share, which sits at $10.26. The other altcoins have no public trading. 

Pitting XRP Versus XLM

Supporting two somewhat controversial assets is a remarkable decision by Grayscale. Investors can gain exposure to both Ripple’s XRP, and Stellar’s XLM. Neither of these assets has a market price per share. Currently, the XRP holdings per share represent $28.06. For Stellar’s XLM, this value sits at $10.05.

BlocDesk Grayscale Stellar XRP

The real difference comes in the assets under management. Grayscale’s XRP assets are more than 12 times greater compared to XLM. Based on the recent information, the company owns just over half a million Dollars worth of XLM. For XRP, that number rises to $7.6 million. 

It’s difficult to determine if this indicates which asset Grayscale is more confident about. In the end, both XRP and XLM assets under management pale in comparison to both Bitcoin and Ethereum.