It is no secret that people from all strides of life begin to show a growing interest in Bitcoin. The world’s leading cryptocurrency can cater to many people’s needs or affinities. With the help of some statistics, it is now possible to figure out what drives people toward cryptocurrencies. 

The Bitcoin Community Affinities Explained

There are many possible reasons why someone grows an interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Whether it is for financial reasons, landing a job, or sheer curiosity, the Bitcoin industry has plenty to offer. Judging by the new statistics by Coin Dance, the community affinities are all over the place. That is a good sign, as cryptocurrencies primarily tend to attract technically-inclined people only. 

For now, the main category of community affinities is avid investors, which will not surprise too many people. The main draw of the world’s leading cryptocurrency is how it can be a solid long-term investment or even a store of value. Combined with the technophiles – those with a keen interest in technology and how the network works – they are the main group of people who explore Bitcoin’s ecosystem today. 


BlocDesk BTC Affinities
Source: Coin Dance

Beyond these two groups, there are people from all categories. Movie lovers, shutterbugs, News Junkies, Political Junkies, and even Mobile Enthusiasts are all represented. It is unclear how these affinities are extracted exactly, but it confirms that cryptocurrencies are finding a bigger audience. After more than a dozen years of existence, that is all one can ask for. 

Continuing to grow these segments on an individual basis will be challenging. Although the community is incredibly diverse where affinities are concerned, the travel buffs, music lovers, and mobile enthusiasts are still under-represented. Catering to these groups of users may prove worthwhile, although there is no convenient way to do so. 

Bitcoin Community Interests In 2021

Regardless of one’s background, getting involved in cryptocurrencies mainly needs to occur due to them being attractive. As one would expect, most people see Bitcoin as a financial service or investment service. Financial gain is a very common objective when dealing with cryptocurrencies. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has a strong track record on this front, yet that alone isn’t always sufficient.

BlocDesk Bitcoin Community Interests
Source: CoinGecko

What is interesting is how the software and design segment is we-represented too. It has a solid lead over those seeking out alternative banking systems, employment, or consumer electronics-related options. Dating services represent 2.14% of community interests. Whether that means people expect to find love in the cryptocurrency world or something else entirely will always be up for debate. 

Similar to community affinities, the community interests are all over the place. That is not a bad sign by any definition, although there may be opportunities in the real estate and travel & accommodations sector waiting to be explored by service providers. The Bitcoin industry is certainly gaining momentum, but there is much more work to be done.