Bitcoin and Ethereum are often compared to one another for many different reasons. In reality, both ecosystems are very different from one another. That doesn’t mean they can share common statistics, such as the number of addresses with a balance. 

Bitcoin Addresses With a Balance Rise Again

More and more people are waking up to the knowledge of why owning Bitcoin is important. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has a lot of benefits compared to traditional money or investments, At the same time, it is one of the most volatile assets on the market, which tends to “Scare off” some people. Slowly but surely,t hat latter aspect is less outspoken, and more people are entering the cryptocurrency space. 

Looking at the number of Bitcoin addresses with a balance of more than zero, things are getting interesting. Significant growth has been recorded in this particular segment. While this number has been rising for a while now, the growth continues unabated. It has resulted in a new all-time high of 31.663.200 addresses. 


BlocDesk Bitcoin Addresses With a Balance
Source: Glassnode

As is always the case, the exact nature of these addresses remains uncertain. Many of them will belong to exchanges, trading platforms, and custodial wallet services. There are also many people using multiple addresses to increase their overall privacy. It is impossible to determine how many of these belong to individual users, but the growth isn’t less remarkable because of that. 

What is interesting is how these all-time highs continue to get higher every single time. A previous spike was noted at roughly 28 million addresses in late 2017. Following some sideways action, the growth has picked up steam again since mid-2018. In recent months, it appears to be accelerating much quicker. 

A Similar Trend for Ethereum

Even though Ethereum is as different from Bitcoin as a grapefruit is from rhubarb, there are always some similarities. In terms of Ethereum addresses with a balance, the growth is clearly visible as well. it is perhaps even more outspoken than Bitcoin’s, as there hasn’t been a real “dip” to speak of just yet. 

BlocDesk ethereum Addresses with a Balance 0.01
Source: Glassnode

Similar to Bitcoin, the number of Ethereum addresses with a balance – in this case, a balance of over 0.01 ETH – noted another all-time high. Over 10.200,000 addresses now have such a balance. It is interesting to note that 2.465 addresses were added between October 9th and October 11th of 2020. This seems to indicate some ETH accumulation is going on, albeit no specifics are available at this time.