Binance Launchpad IEOs Yield Higher ROI After Initial Trading Hype, Research Confirms

Compared to initial coin offerings, IEOs are entirely different creatures. having the backing of reputable exchanges before launching a token creates a different narrative. Projects launching on Binance Launchpad are all performing quite well, according to recent statistics. 

The Success of Binance Launchpad

Dozens of exchanges provide Initial Exchange Offerings solutions today. Every trading platform wants to be part of helping projects launch their new token. After all, new token launches often generate a lot of trading volume and associated fees. Moreover, some exchanges charge IEO projects a fee to facilitate their token launch.

Binance Launchpad is primarily interested in helping innovative concepts prosper. By providing the necessary guidance and support, these Initial Exchange Offerings often do well in the long run. Particularly when looking at the overall ROI, most of these listings perform quite well indeed.


Recent statistics by ICO Analytics confirm as much. Some projects note an ATH ROI of 45.2x, whereas others note more modest returns of 10x and lower. 

So far, Elrond has been the most successful venture, with a 45.2x ATH ROI. Band Protocol is doing quite well in its own regard, with a 37.3x return. Closing out the top three is Matic Network, with a 17.2x return

More recently launched tokens all note healthy returns too. All of this is achieved regardless of the market conditions at the time, confirming there is a genuine interest in IEOs today. 

Surpassing the Initial ROI

What makes these statistics interesting is the comparison to the initial ROI. As most crypto enthusiasts known by now, token launches can be very profitable during the first hour of trading. Binance Launchpad IEOs make their way to Binance in quick succession. As such, they can be traded very quickly, allowing for nearly instant profits.

Blocdesk Binance Launchpad IEOs
Source: ICO Analytics

Judging by the statistics, trading in the first hour isn’t the best way to achieve a decent ROI. All projects on the list have outperformed their initial trading ROI by a margin. For some, the “latter gains” were not that much bigger. Others have seen a weak performance during initial trading, and exploded in value later on. 

All of this data confirms it is still best to buy tokens – even during a IEO – and hold them for the long haul. Their value, assuming the project is legitimate, tends to appreciate a lot more as time progresses. In some cases, the ROI can be three, four, or five times as big. Getting in on the action early remains crucial, albeit that is often easier said than done.