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BlocDesk Ethereum High Median Gas Price Realized Cap Addresses Median Gas Usage

Ethereum Mean Transaction Volume Hits Three-year High As Median Gas Usage Dips

The Ethereum network is a fascinating ecosystem, although one that is often far too expensive to use. Surprisingly, the median gas usage has hit...
BlocDesk Issuance of Stablecoins 2020

Alternative Stablecoins Lose Momentum As UDT Exchange Balances Rise By $287.6 Milioj

The vast majority of alternative stablecoins record multi-month lows for active or sending addresses. Although USDT is the one exception, that asset has other...
Ethereum BlocDesk Ethereum Grayscale ETHE Exchange Supply Exchange Flows

All Major Assets Except Bitcoin Note Daily Negative Exchange Flows

As all cryptocurrency markets show increasing volatility again, it is essential to figure out what is going on. Analyzing the balances on exchanges can...

Ethereum’s Mean Fee Sets A New-All Time High As Transactions Spike

When the Ethereum network becomes more popular to use, it is a matter of time until the fees go up. Unfortunately for many people,...
Bitcoin frenzy Crypto community US Marshals

Increasing Spending Of Short-Term Bitcoin Outputs Creates BTC Price Pressure

Bitcoin, as the world's leading cryptocurrency, has very high expectations to live up to.  Even though its price momentum isn't spectacular, there are some...
BlocDesk Uniswap Community Raises Concern Over the DEX's First Governance Proposal Decentralized Exchanges UNI

UNI Price Doesn’t Budge Despite Key Metrics Hinting At Bullish Momentum

Many DeFi assets have noted a strong surge in popularity over the past few months. UNI, the native currency of Uniswap, is setting new...
BlocDesk ConsenSys: How High Yielding DeFi Opportunities can Threaten Ethereum 2.0 Ethereum DeFi

Ethereum DeFi TVL Surpasses $80 Billion For The First Time

It has been brewing for some time now, but Ethereum DeFi's TVL has surpassed $80 billion. A monumental milestone for this nascent industry. Although...
BlocDesk Hodled Coins Litecoin Transactions Mining Profitability

Litecoin Surges As Active Addresses And Realized Price Peak

Of the many cryptocurrencies on the market today, Litecoin appears to be going through one of the most bullish spells. The LTC price is...
BlocDesk Ethereum High Median Gas Price Realized Cap Addresses Median Gas Usage

Over 58.146 Million Ethereum Addresses Are Currently In Profit

The recent Ethereum price surge has given rise to some interesting speculative discussions. It has also put the majority of Ethereum addresses in profit,...

These Three Metrics Confirm The Bitcoin Price Isn’t Stabilizing Just Yet

Even though some crypto assets perform rather well lately, Bitcoin does not appear to be among them. The world's leading cryptocurrency struggles to reclaim...



THXCHAIN Digital Asset Platform is Now Open to the Public

THXChain Digital Platform THXCHAIN Digital Platform an innovative digital asset trading platform architected by Thore Network has officially launched the industry’s FIRST combined model of...

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Spring and Bondly NFT Partnership Unlocks Digital Potential for Creator Economy

12th May, 2021, San Francisco, California — Spring (formerly Teespring) and Bondly, premiere NFT solutions provider that empowers the next generation of NFT creators,...

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How CBDC would destroy Bitcoin’s reign – Expert

  Despite acknowledging that Central Bank Digital Currencies are also not stable, Edward Chancellor, a British financial historian, journalist, and investment strategist has said CBDCs...