Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam, known as Akon who is building Akon city, a futuristic city that would thrive on akoin crypto. Regarding this, Akon has said cryptocurrencies would help Africans overcome issues like high inflation and government corruption.

In an update about the progress of his Akon crypto city in Senegal, the singer likened his city to Wakanda in the popular hit Marvel movie Black Panther.

Akon said that his Akon crypto city would look like Wakanda in many ways than just its futuristic appearance.


In the interview, Akon revealed that Wakanda helped him get funding for the Akon crypto city. He said further that the marvel movie made an idea of what Africa could be.

“It’s just ironic that I was already working on this before the movie came out. However, it is something that helped me a lot when I was trying to explain to people what I was trying to do Akon said.

Centrepiece of Akon crypto city

Reportedly, the city would house a 5,000 bedded hospital that would be built for about $1billion Akon said. Other facilities like houses, hotels, schools, solar power plants would also be put in place.

Akon wants the city to run on renewable energy with his focus on solar power. The singer said in the interview also that phase one of the city is expected to be completed in three years, and the entire city running on the akoin crypto should be completed by 2029.

Akon’s Akoin crypto project

As mentioned earlier, Akon city would operate on the musician’s Stellar-based akoin cryptocurrency.

Akon aims the coin to be a conventional means of payment, enabling easy exchange in Africa. That way Africans and business owners can operate in a digital economy using just a mobile device.

Akoin crypto would have its own wallet enabling users trade operate through partnered cryptocurrency internally.

At a Binance virtual conference in July also, Akon explained how his akoin cryptocurrency would empower Africans. Buttressing his point that crypto could save Africa, he emphasized that it will help them overcome critical hurdles. Problems like high inflation, government mismanagement of funds, and corruption would be scaled with cryptocurrencies according to Akon.

Akon’s vision for Africa, Lightning Africa

Akon launched a project in 2014 dubbed “Akon lightening Africa,” alongside Samba Bathily. This was to provide African with access to electricity and generally develop the continent.

The project aim was about providing electricity through solar to Africa.  Akon grew up in a town without electricity which played a role in his decision to help drive transformation in the continent.

The projects provided electricity in 14 African countries as of 2015. It employed over 5000 people, and Akon said they have reached 1 million households in African nations with their projects.