About Us

A Curated Medium For A Decentralized Future

Founded in 2017, BlocDesk’s primary mission is the curation of highly informative articles regarding blockchain and/or cryptocurrency. As the blockchain sector continuously increases in size and scope, BlocDesk aims to position itself as a key curator of information.

Across the globe are innovators and thinkers who contribute to the knowledge base of blockchain technology. As we move further into the future, BlocDesk will continue to serve readers by providing essential information efficiently and effectively. We will accomplish this through:

  • Geographic Inclusion – BlocDesk is building a network of contributors that spans our globe, ensuring that diverse perspectives are seen and heard.
  • Time Sensitive Distribution – New information is constantly generated each waking moment of our lives. With this in mind, BlocDesk internalizes a sense of urgency and pushes to disseminate new findings quickly and accurately.

Most importantly, we are an independent news organization.