There is never a lack of exciting Bitcoin metrics today. As the world’s leading cryptocurrency, many people keep an eye on this ecosystem. While the price momentum may not be too impressive today, the overall network statistics paint a very different picture. 

Corporate Bitcoin Treasury Holdings Surpass $75 Billion

Numerous publicly traded companies have added Bitcoin to their balance sheets in recent months. While the amounts of BTC vary greatly, none of these firms appears intent on liquidating their Bitcoin treasury soon. As a result, the total value of corporate treasures has surpassed $75 billion. By taking over 1.37 million BTC out of circulation, all of these companies play an essential role in generating a broader Bitcoin appeal. 

For those who want to look at it differently, that means 7.35% of the circulating Bitcoin supply is in corporate treasuries today. Depending on how the Bitcoin price evolves, this percentage may continue to rise for some time to come. Achieving the 10% threshold would be rather interesting to behold, although it may not necessarily be realistic.


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Source: Clark Moody

Over 9% of Gold’s Market Cap

There has always been a correlation between Bitcoin and gold. Both assets are considered to be safe-haven investments with long-term price potential or stability. Even so, Bitcoin has a long way to go before it can flip gold in market cap. Currently, the correlation sits at 9.3%, which is not entirely promising or surprising. 

Considering how the leading cryptocurrency is truly scarce and gold is not, there will always be some equilibrium between the two. Seeing Bitcoin hit a $10 trillion market cap is certainly possible, although enthusiasts will need to adjust their expectations for now. The world’s leading cryptocurrency continues to perform beyond expectations, but nothing comes easy in this financial world. 

Nearly 1,500 Bitcoin Tor Nodes

Over the past few months, there has been a substantial increase in network nodes running over the Tor protocol. Most node operators opt for this solution to achieve a higher degree of privacy. With over 15.4% of all Bitcoin nodes running via Tor, an intriguing milestone has been reached. It confirms more and more people actively seek out privacy-oriented solutions.

There is no real difference for normal users connecting to a common node or one running via Tor. They will still receive the same network information and have a similar experience to broadcast transactions to the network. However, a common node has an IP address pointing to its origin, whereas Tor nodes do not. 

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Source: Clark Moody

Almost 632,000,000 Transactions

As Bitcoin is the oldest modern cryptocurrency, one would expect it to have plenty of network activity. At the current rate of 35 transactions per second, there is still much room for improvement. Despite this low transaction rate, the network still records over 8.7 million transactions in the past 30 days. A more than respectable amount, but things can always be better. 

Looking back over the network’s entire history, Bitcoin is responsible for just under 632 million transactions. Despite many people still ignoring this ecosystem and its technology, these statistics offer a shining beacon of light. It will take a while until the one billion threshold comes within reach, but there is nothing to worry about for now.