18th of May, 2021 – Rosedale CA – The cryptocurrency scene has become very competitive in recent months, yet numerous opportunities remain unexplored. To facilitate future growth, 100xCoin aims to bring more security to the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Combining the best elements of transparency and innovation will make it easier for newcomers to find their way into this industry. 

The initial vision for 100xCoin was to serve as a meme currency – like Dogecoin – but with no particular utility. Its 10% token burn mechanism per transaction helps establish a deflationary currency that can prove worthwhile to investors. However, the project’s community and crypto influencer Ken The Crypto have decided to go down a different path. By eliminating the hassle associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, the playing field is leveled for all newcomers. 

By launching a mobile application with built-in credit card support, 100xCoin makes its native token more accessible to investors. The 100xAltbase application is very similar to making traditional online purchases, creating a sense of convenience. Whereas this mobile application is an important step in the evolution of 100xCoin, the team is eager to explore new opportunities. 


To foster the growth and traction of other projects on the Binance Smart Chain, the 100xCoin team has set up 100xRocket. Any vetted project can launch on this platform and have the 100xCoin community provide essential support and feedback. Holders of 100xCoin’s asset will receive early access to new projects being listed on 100xRocket, increasing their chance to achieve an appealing return on investment.

Going one step further, CEO Ken Llamas envisions a future to bring celebrity and athlete-endorsed NFTs to Binance Smart Chain. An initial version of the project will roll out by the end of May, giving coin holders exclusive access to rare NFTs. As 100xCoin will provide NFT exchange functionality, the project will tap into one of the most popular blockchain and cryptocurrency trends of the moment. 

With this long-term plan and vision, CEO Ken Llamas is confident 100xCoin can transform the cryptocurrency industry for the better. Constantly delivering new and exciting features will bring more attention to 100xCoin and its growing ecosystem. The transition from a currency with no utility has been remarkable and is primarily fueled by the passionate community. 

A multi-pronged approach on this scale can make the cryptocurrency ecosystem a lot more accessible for novice users. Moreover, it brings more valuable use cases to the broader Binance Smart Chain environment. 

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