As the Bitcoin price moves up, there is always a bigger chance people will start to liquidate holdings. Glassnode statistics confirm the number of addresses holding over 100 BTC is decreasing rapidly. Not entirely surprising, as the wallets in profit record a new all-time high.

Still A Big 100 BTC Club

Contrary to what most people assume, there are many more Bitcoin addresses with a high balance. A few years ago, 100 BTC would seem like a good amount to have. Today, it makes an investor a whale, as its value surpasses $6 million. Things change rapidly in the crypto industry, either for better or worse. In Bitcoin’s case, the price evolves nicely, yet the 100 BTC club may not.

Glassnode metrics confirm there is a decrease in addresses holding 100 BTC or more. Although a one-month low isn’t necessarily indicative, it confirms an increasing interest in selling Bitcoin. However, it is possible some funds are being moved around to new wallets. Gauging the deeper meaning of these metrics is never straightforward.


blocdesk 100 btc club
Source: Glassnode

Currently, there are still 16,164 addresses holding 100 Bitcoin or more. A staggering amount, although a fair few of them will belong to exchanges, brokers, OTC desks, and so forth. There is also at least one address one can link to Satoshi Nakamoto on this list. Furthermore, numerous companies now have a Bitcoin Treasury, which may help explain these statistics as well.

As long as the 100 BTC club remains above 15,000 addresses, there is little to worry about. With the rising price, there will be a reshuffling of coins over time. Most of the BTC being supplied on exchanges will be bought up very quickly, given the current market momentum. Despite some minor pressure, the world’s leading cryptocurrency holds its own rather well.

All-time High For Addresses In Profit

As more people openly show an interest in Bitcoin, the price they acquire BTC at will prove essential. When the price rises, there will always be people who buy at the top. Not everyone can be in profit simultaneously for long, yet the current trend looks promising. Noting an all-time high for addresses in profit at this stage is a significant milestone. 

Currently, there are over 36.752 million Bitcoin addresses in profit. That profit may be small or big, depending on when the holder acquired their BTC balance. It is intriguing to see this metric hit an all-time high despite the 100 BTC club hitting a monthly low. Bitcoin appears to be at a fascinating equilibrium today, which may prove beneficial to this bull run’s longevity.

BlocDesk BTC Addresses in profit
Source: Glassnode

None of the above means there will be any significant Bitcoin price volatility. Even though the price holds its own well and there are more people in profit, that doesn’t mean there will be more selling pressure. Cryptocurrency markets are curious creatures that do not necessarily follow market logic.